They Clash in Colour

May you clash, combat and dress in colour. Capturing joy, fun and freedom as we run, dress and lark in bright, bright colours and perfectly clashing patterns. 
Green crisp cottons, zig zagging knits and indigo dots across silk. Spotted tights, faded stripy beach chairs and wonderful, wild sea cabbages. Structured checked shirts sit against silky chevron vests, topped by the brim of a denim hat with contrast red stitching. A length of iridescent pink silk forms the backdrop, dyed with the shells of a cochineal beetle - a force of pink against storm clouds and blue skies.
May you clash, combat and dress in colour!
Frankie Markot (photography, direction) @franki.markot
Mila Harris-Mussi & Daisy Gray (direction, styling) @milaharrismussi @daisymgray
Centre Half (props, accessories, set) @centre.half
Fergus O (styling) @fergus_o_
Annabelle Modlinger & Maria Vitoria Valdini (talent) @mariavfaldini @amoeba.yyy
Hayley Cherkas (wovens) @hayleycherkas
Willa Hilfreich (jewellery) @hilfreichjewellery
Mussi (knitwear) @mussi_knit
Centre Half (tights, gloves, scarves) @centre.half