MUSSI was founded by Mila Harris-Mussi in 2021. 

It began with my granny Jocelyn Mussi, who had many clothes and beautiful things. She also taught me how to knit. She kept everything in her wardrobe in pristine condition. There was always something about these clothes that fascinated me: the way they had been altered to fit; hems taken up or down; some worn through with darned holes; others barely worn at all, wrapped carefully in tissue paper.  It’s these formative experiences of clothes that sparked my love of fashion. 

Since then, I have always been inspired by textiles and clothes. From historical costume pieces, workwear, vintage knitting patterns and Japanese textiles to the slashed jacket in a Cranach painting and zigzag patterns in ancient glassware. The V&A museum and online archives have - since childhood - been one of my favourite places to spend time and is a constant source of inspiration for me. Now I am lucky enough to knit and make things, or teach people about knitting and making things almost all of the time!

With Mussi I wanted to create a brand that values materials and the processes behind the garment as much as the finished piece. We work with the highest quality yarns, spun and dyed in Italy - the yarn is chosen for its strength, durability and the breadth of colours, allowing for infinite combinations. Both colour and contrast pattern are a constant inspiration and have become synonymous with Mussi. 

Taking time to research, learn new skills and acquire knowledge is fundamental. My aim has been to design and make individual garments that can become a staple and cherished piece in your wardrobe. Working with a team of extremely skilled and trusted manufacturers in the UK, who share our love of quality materials and the desire to create the best garments possible helps ensure that these pieces are made to last and will get better the more you wear them. 

Mussi showcases my love of colour, texture and detail. Intricate knitting techniques founded on traditional construction, garments informed by comfort and timeless style. My goal is to design and make knitwear that will be treasured and if treated with care will last a lifetime