Talland Jumper

The Talland Jumper is knitted in the UK with 100% merino wool using almost one kilo of yarn to create the structured & dynamic shape. We have designed the Talland in five colourways, Fuchsia, Bracken, Ecru, Stripes and Indigo. These are constructed using the highest quality dyed Italian yarn. The indigo Talland is peice dyed by hand at our studio using natural indigo pigment.

The Talland jumper takes inspiration from the traditional Guernsey jumper, originally hand knitted in small fishing communities in the British Isles during the seventeenth century. The traditional Guernsey jumper or sometimes referred to as 'gansey' boasted thick & hardy close stitching to protect the fisherman from sea spray and winds.
Patterns were inspired by objects and imagery associated with fishing, such as rope, netting, waves, pebbles and ladders. 
We have reimagined the traditional textures and structure by developing a series of double layered pleats for extra warmth across the body and upper arms.
Our jumper is named after Talland Bay located between the Cornish fishing harbours of Looe and Polperro. 
 Our indigo Tallands are piece dyed- the jumpers are knitted from ecru yarn and only once complete as a garment are they submerged in a vat of indigo. Here the dye coats the fibres before the jumper is removed and hung to allow the indigo to oxidise and reveal it’s deep blue tones. Working in this way rewards the garment with subtle variations in tone across it’s structure.
"Guernsey knitting, unless under contract, was a labour of love, demanding patience and the best materials that could be afforded. Garments were made to last and often did for more than twenty years. The deep indigo dye of the first knitting gradually faded in the light and the salty air, to a lighter navy, through shades of purple to green to grey, the colours corresponded vividly to those of the Cornish sea in all its various moods and seasons." Cornish Guernseys & Knit-frocks' by Mary Wright